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Commercial Lawn Maintenance Tips in Caring for Mondo Grass

Mondo Grass Care Tips

Mondo grass is a suitable option for a turf substitute in shade gardens, such as in commercial settings. It is a beautiful, easy-to-grow perennial ground cover. Contrary to what its name would indicate, mondo grass isn’t genuine grass. Given the delicate blossoms, it belongs to the lily family. The plants are spread by stolons or horizontal stems that lie just below the soil’s surface. They grow extremely slowly. You can follow these care recommendations from commercial lawn maintenance experts.

Soil and Water

The inability of some mondo grass species to withstand drought is one of their principal problems. Colonies may tolerate some drying out after they’re established, but they like constant wetness that isn’t in standing water. To help the plants grow roots, mondo grass should be newly planted in well-drained soil and watered a few times each week. Water mature mondo grass plants once per week.


Mondo grass doesn’t have a particular preference for light exposure. The most popular types of green can survive in both shade and full sunlight. Depending on the amount of exposure, leaf color can range from pale green to deep emerald. The deep black-leaved variants require full sunlight to thrive. Black turns increasingly green when there is more shadow.

Temperature and Humidity

Winter hardiness applies to Mondo grass. It will grow back if there is a freeze. If your location is dry, spritz it with water to provide it with moisture because it prefers humid temperatures. In warm areas, mondo grass foliage is evergreen. The leaves may die back in colder weather, but they may be clipped in the early spring before new growth starts.


Although fertilizer is not required, you can apply it every three months in the spring and summer if you prefer. Adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and use a balanced 10-10-10 mix. Maintaining the grass’s color will benefit from fertilizer.

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