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Consider These Services When Hiring A Professional Commercial Lawn Maintenance

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Lawn maintenance services are invaluable to commercial property owners. This is especially true in business properties that often have very little or zero lawn space. With the cost of commercial real estate skyrocketing in today’s market, this practice is more vital than ever before. When a commercial property has a lawn and is able to be seen from the outside, it immediately adds value to the property. This is important because the more valuable a property is, the more money you can get from the prospective buyer. Hiring a commercial lawn maintenance service will increase the overall value of your property. Below are 3 of these professional services that will make your lawn look great and help you find the best one.


One of the more common services offered by lawn care companies is fertilization. Lawn maintenance companies that offer this service will fertilize your lawn weekly or bi-weekly. The reason most companies choose this is that it is less time-consuming and it can help control the amount of grass or weeds in your lawn, which is good because too much fertilizer can be too much and kill your grass.


Mowing is another service that you can get when you hire a lawn maintenance company. You can have them mow your lawn weekly or biweekly. This is good because too much mowing can dry out your grass and kill it, so you have to find the right balance. If you definitely want to hire a lawn maintenance company, don’t be afraid to ask them about this service. Make sure to check with the company to see what they think is the right mowing schedule for your lawn.


Another service offered by companies that care for commercial lawns is mulching. This is done to keep the soil in your lawn alive and moist. It also helps prevent weeds from growing and makes your lawn look better, making it more appealing to the customers that see your lawn from the road or pass by it.

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