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Helpful Tips From a Professional Landscaper on Installing Irrigation Systems

Irrigation Installation Tips to Consider for Your Landscape

irrigation is an essential component of the landscape and can be used for many different purposes. From growing fruit trees and vegetables to keeping your lawn green, irrigation is a valuable tool that can help improve the look of any property. If you’re interested in installing this system correctly, then follow these helpful tips from a professional landscaper when installing an irrigation system:

plan With an Irrigation Designer

planning is key. It’s important to plan ahead for irrigation needs, so that you can get the right system for your landscape and budget. An irrigation designer will be able to help guide you through this process by providing advice on how much water will be needed, what type of system is best suited for your yard, and even where in the yard it should go.

know the Right Size for Your Landscape

before you start shopping for irrigation systems, it’s important to know the right size for your landscape. If you are planning on installing an irrigation system that uses a lot of water, it is important to select one that can handle high levels of flow and pressure. This will allow time before needing replacement parts again should anything go wrong during operation

use Water Wisely for Better Results

water is a valuable resource that can be used to create beautiful gardens, but it’s important to not waste water. Avoid over-irrigating your lawns as this can cause root rot, which generally results in death of grass plants within three months after initial application of fertilizer products. Make sure you dilute your fertilzers enough before applying directly onto grass for best results!

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